Have a question about ear microsuction? Worried about your up-coming ear microsuction appointment? Here we have answered your earwax removal and microsuction questions.

What is ear mircosuction?

Wax removal from the ear canal using suction apparatus under direct vision.

Surgical microscopes or loupes are worn to provide binocular magnification. A fine tip suction tube is inserted into the ear canal, this is connected to suction apparatus which gently suctions the wax out.

It is a gentler technique than the traditional method of ear irrigation and does not involve the introduction of fluid into the ear.

Sometimes we might use additional instruments to assist in the removal of hard wax and dead skin.

Can anyone have ear microsuction?

It is unsuitable if;

  • You are unable to give consent
  • Have experienced difficulties with the procedure in the past.
  • Cannot keep your head still or are prone to unpredictable head movements
  • Have a history of dizziness
  • Have a sensitivity to loud noises (hyperacusis)

What equipment is involved with ear microsuction?

  • Otoscope for ear examination
  • Surgical Loupes which provide magnified binocular vision
  • Electrical suction machine
  • A fine cannula or suction tube
  • Micro forceps to assist the efficient removal of hard wax
  • Olive Oil drops to aid removal of hard wax
  • Camera Otoscope
  • Speculae
  • Jobson Horne Probe

What preparation is required prior to ear microsuction?

If you have very hard wax, we like you to insert two olive oil eardrops into the affected ear twice a day for two to five days before the procedure. Alternatively, you could use olive oil spray, Earol Olive Oil Spray.

What happens during ear microsuction?

  • We will explain the procedure to you before treatment starts and show you the equipment we use
  • We will make you fully aware of any risks the procedure may involve
  • We will complete an assessment and ask you to sign a consent form. A full assessment of both the outer and inner ear is made. Photographs are taken pre and post procedure so you can see what we can
  • You will be seated in a high-backed chair
  • You will need to keep your head very still
  • The process can be noisy due to the suction machine
  • The cannula is introduced into your ear canal and wax gently sucked out
  • Micro forceps may be required to remove larger pieces of hard wax and dead skin

How long does ear microsuction take?

If both ears are affected the process takes approximately 30 minutes.

What equipment do I need to provide?

  • A high-backed chair for you to sit on and a stool or chair for the professional.
  • A clean hard surface for our equipment. For example, a table.
  • An electrical socket within reach.
  • Somewhere to wash our hands with soap and a disposable kitchen towel to dry them with.

What risks are involved with ear microsuction?

Any procedure carries risk and we will discuss these risks prior to treatment, they include:

  • Faintness
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Incomplete Clearance
  • Tinnitus
  • Trauma

How much is ear microsuction?

A domiciliary visit between the hours of 9:30 am – 4:00 pm costs £85 for both ears.

A domiciliary visit outside of the above hours is £100.

If you have a postcode that is not listed an additional charge of £1.00 per mile over 10 miles is charged.

Halesowen Clinic procedures cost £35 for one ear and £55 for both.

Bromsgrove Clinic procedures cost £40 for one ear and £55 for both.

How can I pay for my ear microsuction?

Cash, credit or debit card, cheque or bank transfer.

A £25 deposit is taken at the time of booking the appointment to cover the cost of a full ear assessment, this is then subtracted from the balance if ear microsuction is performed. 

The £25 deposit is non-refundable but can be used towards a further appointment made within 28 days of the original appointment if you cancel your appointment.

If you wish to cancel or rearrange your appointment you must do so within 36 hours of the appointment in order to retain your deposit.

How can I make an appointment for ear microsuction?

Click here to book your appointment at the Halesowen Clinic. Please note that our services are available by appointment only.

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