Providing a prompt solution to earwax build up, we offer microsuction and irrigation in the comfort of your own home or at our clinics in Halesowen and Bromsgrove.




About Us

The Ear Wax Removal team consists of three local practitioners who are responsible for performing community-based earwax removal services to patients within the West Midlands area. Our team was established in 2019 to address the need for a convenient solution to long delays in receiving treatment for NHS wax removal.

As Ear Wax Practitioners, the team are all trained, skilled and have the necessary equipment to provide electronic irrigation, microsuction and manual removal using instrumentation (probe) within a community setting. 

Ear Wax Removal

Earwax is a normal bodily secretion which protects your ears from dust and dirt. Unfortunately, about 2.3 million people each year have problems with earwax build-up and due to an ageing population, it is expected that this number will continue to rise.

The Ear Wax Removal team consisting of three highly skilled and trained practitioners who provide earwax removal services to patients with excess earwax build-up and as a result, suffer from hearing loss and discomfort.

Passionate about providing a patient-tailored earwax removal service in the community, we offer ear microsuction from our clinic or in the comfort of your own home, place of work or nursing and residential home setting.


The latest technique in earwax removal is microsuction. The treatment provides a prompt solution to earwax build up by sucking the wax out using a tiny tube attached to a suction apparatus.

This is a fee-paying non-NHS service for people who suffer from hearing loss and discomfort as a result of earwax build-up and require a convenient appointment in the place of their choosing, be this at home or in their place of work.

It is a gentler technique than the traditional method of ear irrigation and does not involve the introduction of fluid into the ear.

Prices from £35.00*


Ear Health

Our ear canals are self-cleaning. As we move our jaw to eat and talk, the wax and skin cells move slowly from the eardrum to the outer ear where it naturally falls out.

The waxy material is produced by glands inside the ear and its purpose is to protect our ears by trapping dirt and repelling water. It keeps the skin in our ear canal healthy, preventing it from drying and cracking. It also helps to prevent infections.

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