After Care

Patient Information After Treatment

Your ear canal may be vulnerable to infection following treatment until the ear produces more wax to protect itself. So it is important to keep your ears dry for a minimum of 4-5 days after treatment.

To keep your ears dry when you are washing your hair, showering, bathing or swimming, insert ear plugs or cotton wool coated in petroleum jelly into the outside of the ear canal to act as a protective seal.

In the unlikely event that you develop pain, dizziness, reduced hearing or discharge from the ear after the procedure, get in touch with your practice nurse or GP.


Ear wax is natural protection for your ears.

Poking anything in your ears will only push the wax deeper and possibly cause problems and trauma to your ear.

To prevent build-up of excessive wax, if this is a regular problem for you, it may be helpful to put 1-2 drops of olive oil in your ears once or twice a week.

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